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Zoltán Drahos Tattooman

Tattoo artist, founder of Analog Tattoo Studio 
“There is a tattoo on all of us, you just have to lay it down.” Tattooman was born in 1974 in Budapest, he's been making tattos for more than 20 years now. His passion for traditional techniques crossed his ways with Fux and together they acquired the knowledge of the japanese tabori technique and hand poke. He sees a great opportunity for self-development in using these ancient and seemingly simple techniques. He applies hand techniques as well as working with machine. In these years he has worked for several tattoo shops. He relates to the world of classic old-school tattoos but he also likes challenges when he can design and work out unique pieces. In his work process it is fundamental for him to talk deeply with the client so he can get to know him/her well enough to prepare a personalised tattoo. The satisfied clients still keep coming back in 5-10 years.   Booking: +36 30 9648 488

Fux –  Tibor Fuchs

tatto artist
Fux was born in 1990 in Budapest. His interest in tattooing starting from July 2009 joined him with Tattooman. First, he was just interested in how to make tattoos. Later, their mutual interest turned into a mutual passion for traditional techniques and they decided to start a studio based on that. Fux is known for graffity and comic style tattooing, however he prepares classic and eastern style tattoos at the same high level. He sees his future as a tattoo artist forever andwants to get expert with as many styles as possible.   Booking: +36 70 293 5609

Anna Gulyás

tattoo artist
I'm Anna Gulyas according to my school degreee I'm porcelain painter, but I couldn't got hired. I'm very intrested in the culture of the 14-15 century of Europe. I have found the hand poke tattoo via this special interest of mine, and I immediatelly felt the call. I got 3 hand poke tattoos first, then I've started study this technique. Followed by lot practice finally I started to hand poke people by myself in November 2016. Since then I'm happy to tattoo with this technique. My favorite motives are the animal and historical tattoos. Dot and line art familiar for me as well as graphic techniques.   Booking: +36 20 296 9607