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I met Zoli and Tibi through a friend . First, Tibi agreed to correct my friend's tattoo, so I decided that later, if I was tattooed again, I would definitely go to these guys. My starting point idea was a tree of life, but I was quite uncertain what I wanted exactly. We visited them in their new studio and I outlined for Tattooman what I imagines. The next day he surprised me pretty much when we met again as he was waiting with a drawing that he made himself. As soon as I saw it I felt it was what I want! 🙂 They always take the time and energy for the patients. They are friendly, like to joke around but when it comes to work, they are precise and serious. My tattoo was mostly made with a machine, but I tried manual techniques as well. Hand poke is much more enjoyable than the machine, it feels like small mosquitoes biting you. What I consider important that they do the process in a friendly way. I mean, if there are more unpleasant places on the body, they would stopy, I could take a deep breath and they will not get angry. Perseverance and accuracy are the features of Analog Tattoo. They feel that this is not just their work but their hobby. They tattooed from heart to soul, that's what caught me. I'm glad to recommend them, you will not be sorry if you turn to them.


I love Zoli's tattoos because he always strives for maximum elaboration and uniqueness. I can give him free hand at any time in design as he has a good grasp and I'm always satisfied with the result.


All tattoos that I got from Zoli are great and are very beautiful, and I already own 9!
hand poke tacsi tetoválás
koi ponty tebori tetoválás Analo Tattoo Studio


My third tattoo is a Japanese koi. For me it was important that not only the image, but also the elaboration was traditional. From now on I would only take manual techniques, healing is much faster and during the process I mainly slept as it hardly hurt.